Sunday, May 10, 2009

HPT Celebrates 14th Monthsary

HPT went more than just mere chatroom fun games (NTT, singing contest, dance tease, bingo games, etc. ) to celebrate its 14th animonthsary last May 9, 2009. This time it celebrated by giving special awards to its hottiest members for summer 2009. The awardees were chosen from among the nominees through votes made by HPT members a week before the awards night. The fight for the Best DJ was very close as DJ_CUTEST gained 26.78 percentage votes to went past through KOOLANGHERTZ and E_R_N_I_E_69 who both have 25.00 percentage votes out of the 56 members votes. ARLENENAUGHTY on the otherhand was chosen as HPT Best Teaser with 31.25 percentage votes generated from 48 members votes. SIMPLYME and S_U_T_L_A_69 got 27.83 and 12.50 percentage votes each as runners up.

This summer' Mr and Ms Camsmiles were awarded to BURN and PRETTYLITTLECAT. BURN received 29.54% of the 44 members votes while LITTLECAT got a convincing 36.50% votes from 63 members votes. Other nominees who topped the Mr Camsmile were: TOODIEBLEACH-18.18%, M_A_R_C_U_Z_D11-15.90%, DANGER17_M86 -9.09%, E_R_N_I_E_69-9.09%, SMOKE_M95-9.09% and CHINITO_D31 -4.54%. And, for Ms Camsmile: JAZZCUTIE-17.46%, SIMPLYME-11.11%, PRETTY_HOTPINAY23-6.35%, BABY_TAPIA-6.35%, ALTHEA_GURL-4.69%, MZ_MHINE-4.69% and MOONLIGHT_GURL-3.17%.
Another surprise award was given for the Viewers Choice Award. HPT room users and subscribers were given the chance to vote for their favorite Hottiest Pinay Teasers by casting their votes an hour before the awarding ceremony. JAZZCUTIE won the hearts of HPT visitors and guests and received 24.78 percentage votes from her avid fans and viewers. SIMPLYME on the other hand got 17.70 percentage votes while HUSSHH had 13.27% as runners up. This award was given for the first time to an HPT member which was participated in by users of the room. Trivia King and Queen were awarded to ASS_WHOLE and E_S_Y_A_N who both got 120,935 and 67,191 trivia points recpectively. Winners for the said awards received cellphone loads plus trophies. HPT_TIRADOR69 hosted the said activity assisted by CREAMYBUBBLES. The party continued to get hotter after the awarding ceremony and room users reached 800 to 900 plus plus from 9:00pm of May 9 til morning of May 10.

Previous winners for the above mentioned special awards were: In July 2008... AZZY won as Ms Camsmile, WAYNE as Mr Camsmile, MS_SHIEGIRL as Teaser of the Month and KUNEHO as DJ of the Month. On August 2008... PRETTY CINDY was chosen as Ms Camsmile, KIRIT as Mr Camsmile, VJ_ABBEY as Teaser of the Month and ASR as DJ of the Month. And on September 2008... PRINZEZAH was handsdown choice for Ms Camsmile, BOOYAH as Mr Camsmile, TIFFANY as Teaser of the Month and SAMMYGEE as DJ of the Month.

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